Sunday, 31 August 2008

An outfit for: flying to Malaga

So, a month tomorrow I will be flying to Malaga with my boyfriend, for a lovely week of Winter Sun. We are staying in Fuengirola. I am so ridiculously excited, and have lots of plans for things to do, see and eat- and wear!
First up, what to wear on the plane? The flight is 7am from Birmingham International. Fortunately I live only 15 minutes from there, so we won't have to be up too early. I know it will be a chilly October morning, but it will be midday when we get to Malaga, then we have to get a train to Fuengirola, so I don't want to be in bulky clothing. Better to be chilly for 20 minutes in Birmingham than sweltering for 3 hours in Spain?
So I'm going to wear my blue and white stripy sundress from with my big white belt round my waist, skin coloured tights, and a little white cardigan. The I can take off my tights and cardigan once we get there. Ta da!

Please note, I made that pic on, so not all the pics are exactly what I have. But I was pleased to find the same Oli dress and Topshop bag

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