Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Awesome websites: Boohoo chat

Ok so, excitingly, I've just signed up to something exciting called Boohoo chat. Boohoo.com is a brilliant, cheap fashion website, great for throwaway fashion. I haven't got round to buying anything off there yet but I will one day. Lot's of Luella A/W08-esque dresses at the moment. Yum.
Anyhoo, having signed up for their social network doo dah, I have noticed that they have a competition to review their clothes for 6 months, getting £50 in vouchers for 6 months. OK it's not a job, but surely it would look good on the CV? On the other hand, would they throw me out for being 21 (all the other members appear to have not left school yet) and for being a journalism graduate...?
We'll see :P

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