Tuesday, 8 April 2008

How to not do your dissertation...

So I have less than a month til my dissertation is due (it's on the news values of womens magazines if you care) and rather than get on with it, I am, of course, moocing on the Internet, trying to find a dress for my graduation.

I've been saying for a year or so that I would get a Karen Millen dress. I know it's rather extravagent, but I've always wanted one, and this is a busy year for me. It's my parents 25th wedding anniversary, my 21st birthday, my graduation, my graduate ball and my uncles wedding, and probably other stuff too!

So I want something quite sophisticated, not flashy, and not something that's going to make me look fat. Also something I can wear either heels or flats with, as my boyfriend isn't that tall bless him.

My favourites at the moment are this black and white one, or this one with an awesome orange belt. Annoyingly I can't put a picture up so I've had to link to it.

I can't make my mind up! Haven't tried them on yet, as I'm too scared of parting with the money still. Any thoughts?

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