Tuesday, 24 April 2007

An outfit for: being a 60s queen this summer

So yeah, I totally meant to write about my 60s look for the summer, but Easter happened, I got a job, etc... you know.
Anyway, so my 60s look will be simple and girly, but trendy too... lots of shift dresses and platform shoes, and Audrey Hepburn stylee flats around, plus amazing necklaces and cropped jackets. Much fun.

So the basic look will be:

*Tunic or smock dress
*Leggings in black or to match/ or bare legs
*Wedges or smart flats


Also this necklace, which I couldn't save for some reason. I think it would go fabulously.

I think black leggings and white shoes would work equally well, but went with this combo instead.

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