Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Comfort Shopping: At New Look

I love New Look at the moment. I just wish they would sort out their website. You can't order off it, you can only see a small selection of their ranges, and you can't link to any of the pages as its all Flash-y.
But New Look is super, and especially hot right now with Giles Deacons Gold range and Drew Barrymore modelling and all that. I love the red and black spotty dress but know it wouldn't suit me, so I'll have to just cope by buying the shoes :) They are the same pattern as the dress and are available in peep toe wedges or a sandle-type thing. I'm going for the wedges.
Other nice things in the range include cute little gold hair clips and hair slides, some flattering looking jeans and a black dress with gold sequins at the bottom. I want them all, and although they are relatively cheap (nothing Ive mentioned is over £45) I still can't afford it!!
New Look's shoe range is also fab. I've found some gorgeous wedge shoes with a rounded point toe, and the wedge isn't so high as others, so would be good for day. They are £25 for the black, silver and gold, and there is a slightly cheaper suede one in black grey or green for £22. I want a grey suede pair to wear with my blue skinny jeans, and a black pair to wear with black skinny jeans, or a cute little dress and leggings.
God dammit why can't New Look sort their website out? Then I could show you what Im talking about!!!

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