Thursday, 1 March 2007

Comfort shopping

Huh. My boyfriend has just rung me and told me he's ill. So he's not coming over today :( Hopefully he'll be better tomorrow so he can come to Leicester for the weekend.

So today I feel I shall be indulging in some comfort window-shopping. Maybe I shall even risk buying something on my topshop card. I've got to go into town anyway.My uni class are going to see 'All the Presidents Men' which I'm not looking forward to... mainly because I'm worried my friends won't turn up and I'll be on my tod :(

But I have to go and see it as I need something to review!

So after that I'll go look in Topshop, maybe buy something!
I adore this

and this

and they are both £22. I've cheered up already!

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