Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Beth Ditto for Topshop??

Just thought I'd put my two pence worth in... Everyone else is.

So Beth Ditto has been spouting out about Topshop not stocking larger sizes... I would agree with her on this point. They don't appear to go over a size 12 in some stores, but supposedly go up to a 16. I think they should be stocking to 18.. maybe 20?

Ditto, who is known for her fabulous vocals with indie band The Gossip (Listen Up! is my favourite song of theirs) has been quoted saying she wants to design a range for Topshop... because Kate Moss has and Kate Moss is skinny and it's not fair etc etc.

Because we can all stamp our feet and get our own line of clothing at Topshop can't we??

Beth Ditto is talented and stylish, yes. But she's been around for what, 5 minutes, and most people only know one of The Gossip's songs. If she's made a comparison with Lily Allen (who is designing dresses for New Look) then I might have understood... But Kate Moss is very very famous, and above all, works in fashion.

There have been mixed opinions, with a lot of people saying 'good on Beth! Sticking up for girls with healthy curves!' And I agree, we need healthy looking girls. Please note the emphasis on 'healthy'. According to The Sun, Ditto is 15 stone. Is that healthy?????

Also according to The Sun, Kate Moss is 6 stone something... Also not healthy for someone who is 5ft7 apparantly... the same height as me and Im 9 and a half stone and still get called thin.

So it's difficult to take sides. All I would say is that out of the two women here, if I was Topshop I'd give my money to the one who has worked in fashion and is guarrenteed to sell....

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