Monday, 19 February 2007

A promise

This is a promise my friends.

I am not setting out in anyway to put myself across as an expert. I just like fashion and shopping and class myself as a fashion fan rather than expert.

So, this, my splendid new blog will simply be me ranting about the things I have seen in the shops and on websites, and which I wish I could afford but sadly can't. Take this for example...

This is beautiful, I adore it and I want it. It is £25 from Miss Selfridge and yet I still can't afford it. It's so sweet and would look lovely with black tights or leggings and my new black mary-janes from New Look. Oooh and one of those gorgeous long heart necklaces which I've been seeing so many people wearing. There are some which I consider to be fairly naff (am I alone on this?) but then there are some gorgeous, unusual ones around, particularly at Topshop, but irritatingly don't seem to be on their website.
Gosh why do I rant so much? I think that is enough for my first blog.

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