Thursday, 22 February 2007

Trendy stuff: Monsoon fusion

I used to love going into Monsoon back home with my friend Susie, trying on all the fancy frocks and pretending to the staff that we were going to our friend's wedding. But that was all Monsoon was to me; fun frocks to try on and nice jewellery in the Accessorize section. Susie liked all their clothes, but I always found them a bit mumsy.


They have recently launched the 'Fusion' range, which is more fashion orientated, and obviously aimed at slightly younger women. It's also slightly cheaper (slightly being the operative word)and lovely. LOVELY!

I'm particularly taken with this flower print pinafore. I love all the patterned pinafores around (see yesterday's Miss Selfridge pinafore) because I found the grey and black ones a bit dull, with too many people looking they were wearing the same thing.

This one is especially nice as it takes on a floral print that is very monsoon-y but puts it on a young, fashionable pinafore. And only £28! Love it.

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