Monday, 26 February 2007

Mens t-shirts at FCUK

It's my boyfriend's birthday today and I got him this amazing red t shirt from FCUK. I've seen it in lots of adverts and around the place and he said how much he liked it, so I thought it was a bargain at £20!

It's nice to see how much FCUK have progressed, not just in their mens clothes, but in their women's clothes too.

I love this dress I think it is so delicate and beautiful. At £50 I really can't afford it.. but hey, I found out today that Primark have cute little cashmere cardigans for £30 so I'm happy!

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Anonymous said...

hi there where did you buy that shirt? Im planning to give a mens clothes present for my boyfriend birthday. Last year i give him a boys suits present he was totally very happy.