Wednesday, 21 February 2007

I spend too much time mooching round shops

I found myself in town again yesterday. That's two days in a row! It was supposedly to get some shifts from my temping agency, but they're shit and were closed. So I figured I'd look round town for half an hour, then go back.
First I looked round Marks and Spencers, which has this amazingly calming effect on me. It makes me feel like I'm 4 again, looking round the shops with my Nan, hiding underneath the racks of skirts for some reason. I was an odd child.

Everyone tells me how much M&S clothing has improved, and I do occasionally spot a nice t shirt or dress, but I still think the best things about them are the underwear and the food.

However, I was impressed by their bath range, which is fairly cheap and I'd never noticed before. The shower gel above for example, is a lovely smelling minty shower gel. It's in lovely packaging in a soft pastely blue colour. There's lots of other lovely stuff too, for fairly reasonable prices.

Next I stopped off at Miss Selfridge who I am becoming more and more impressed with. I used to think they were a bit chavvy and naff but they have bucked up their ideas recently, and I adore all their dresses and jewellery. They have some amazing kooky stuff, and 'kooky' is not a word I usually associate with Miss Selfridge!!

I'm afraid I'm going to have to show you another dress from Miss Selfridge, as this is one that has been yelling BUY ME BUY ME for a while now

It's so cute and lovely. Wouldn't it just look so cool with tights and boots with a jumper underneath for the cold weather?

Miss Selfridge don't just have cute dresses, they also have a snazzy new website, which is similar to the Topshop one. Weirdly though, they don't seem to have a jewellery section, which is annoying as I wanted to show you a rather funky necklace with a bunch of grapes hanging off it. Not a literal bunch of grapes obviously, but a bunch of grapes made of little pink beads. It's weird and I'm not sure if I could pull it off, but I still love it.

Sadly though, I can't find the jewellery section. Please someone tell me I'm not blind or mad and that its not on there??

Anyway that is quite enough from me today. Adios!

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