Monday, 26 February 2007

Good quality cheap underwear from Topshop

I have always assumed that I was an A cup. I got fitted when I was 12 and have always bought bra's in A cups ever since. Even though friends tell me I looked bigger and my boyfriend tells me I'm bigger, I assumed people had an odd idea of what an A cup was.

But recently, my bras have been feeling tighter and there have been one or two embarrasing 'wardrobe malfunction' moments. I realised today it was time to let go of the A cups after nearly 8 years. I tried on a few bras and found I was a 34B! Who'd have thought it?? A growth spurt at 19! Is this normal??

So now I have to replace all my old underwear. I have lots of lovely underwear, but I figured it would be best to buy a simple white bra first, then build my collection up later.

But where to go?? I'm fairly skint so it would have to be somewhere cheap. But I find Primark and H&M underwear a bit crap to be honest. So I came to the comclusion that I would buy it from Topshop on my Topshop card. Expecting it to cost £££, I picked up a simple, comfortable white t shirt bra from their underwear section in the Birmingham store (I'd been visiting my boyfriend).

Guess how much? Go on, guess. £6!!!!!!!

It's so comfy and yet so cheap. I picked up the matching thong for only £3. I wouldn't have expected Topshop to be so cheap, but there you go. They also have them in skin coloured, and black. I shall be picking up one of each! As well as their super strapless bras. Topshop is my favourite for pretty fashionable underwear, and now they're my favourite for basics.

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